Don´t worry. The handling of your prosthesis is very simple in principle if you follow a few rules, which we will explain to you here:

Of course this can and should not replace a personal consultation, but it can be used for primary information and as a reference.
If you are uncertain you are welcome to contact us at any time.

Generally the prosthesis should be removed from the socket once a day to be cleaned. This is best done with clesr handwarm water. Please do not use hot or cold water, because the extreme temperature changes caus etension in the glass, which inthe worst care can lead to cracks in the material. Also don´t use sharp cleaning agents as they can attack or scratch the surface of the prosthesis. This is especially important with plastic prosthesis because of the soft and chemically unstable surface. Ideally you should moisten the prosthesis in a bowl of handwarm water and then carefully clean it with a handkerchief. This removes the insoluble remains of tear fluid. Before replacing the eye moisten it with drinking water ( important in foreign countrys) or with commercial salt solution for contact lenses.

Please be sure you have clean hands!

To put the prosthesis in:

Hold the prosthesis between thumb and middle finger, look downwards and pull the upper eyelid upwards, Then slide the upper part of the prosthesis behind the lid with gentle pressure and hold the eye in position. Finally pull the lower eyelid down and press the prosthesis gently into the lower eyelid pocket.If excess air was brought in, it can be removed through circular pressure on the prosthesis.

To remove the prosthesis:

To remove the prosthesis place a moistened contact lens remover for hard contact lenses on the eye a little below the iris. Pull the lower eyelid down whilst pulling the prosthesis forward out of the conjunctive sack. The removal is easier if you look upwards, At the beginning allow time for this. As your prosthesis is fragile you best learn the handling over soft padding.