The profession of the ocularist as a vocation:

The manufacture of a natural looking eye prosthesis is an art, which takes 6-7 years to learn. It is important to sharpen your view for the details of the human eye and to transfer this onto the prosthesis. High manual talent,spacial sense, patience and concentration are basic prerequisites.But you also need a lot of emphathy, as every patient feels differently.  Theoretical knowledge is taught in the training, you also learn medical and natural science as well as several special disciplines.

The ocularist manufactures the prosthesis and fits it to the patient. He advises and cares for the patients in all questions of ocularistic and treats his patients in all matters pertaining to prosthesis and medical necessities. This can be maintenance with interim-prosthesis, conformers and measurement of the socket with model prosthesis after operations.

The professional training is in two stages, each with examinations through the professional assosiation DOG / AOV. The resultant qualifications are those that are required by the SGB V and are recognised by the national health insurance organisations as quality features.